Our existence as Parents-Teacher Association (PTA) is in compliance with DepEd order that every school shall organize a PTA with the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of issues and their solutions related to the total School Improvement Program (SIP) and to ensure the support of parents in the efficient implementation of such program with the cooperation of all stakeholders.

The ASAT-PTA is adhering to all existing policies and implementing guidelines in fostering unity and cooperation to promote the welfare of the students (learners), our children. I enjoin and in behalf of all parents-our support for BETTER ASAT.

It is our greatest aspirations to cooperate and support the school in making ASAT better as it soars higher.. looking forward to more projects beneficial to our children’s growth and development.. our 100% commitment and dedication for our whole support to all programs and projects in cooperation with the stakeholders (local government unit, ASAT Alumni Association, the community, the teachers… )

We exist as one of the support groups and one of the significant partners of the school with a relationship defined by cooperative and open dialogue to promote the welfare of our children. Together, hand in hand, we can do it!

Thank you very much.

GPTA President