Proposed Action Objectives Strategies Success Indicator
1. Leadership Training School- based •To train SSG and other club officers
•To enhance their leadership potentials on how to run and manage their Organization
•Request some faculty members and advisers, as Resource Speakers
•Invite other eloquent speakers
Enhancement of leadership prowess among the SSG and other Club Officers
2. Anti-drug abuse symposium/campaign •To conduct information dissemination on the effects of prohibited drugs •Provide/ display some posters
•Invite speakers form the PDEA to lecture on the harmful effects of the Prohibited drugs
Information and dissemination campaigned on the harmful effects of the prohibited drugs
3. Zero waste management To maintain proper  waste management and school sanitation •Ask the assistance of the advisers to monitor the proper waste segregation in the  classroom
•Practice 3R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle)
•Integration of Proper waste Disposal in Science and health Subjects
Proper implementation of the Zero Waste Management in the school
4. Smoke free school campaign •To lessen/eradicate students who are smoking inside/Out side the campus
To lecture on the bad effects of smoking cigarette to our  health
•Conduct symposium
•Monitor the students inside/outside the campus
•Proper implementation of the school policies.
Draft Resolution/Ordinances to curb student smokers
• Total Eradication of student smokers
5. Tree Planting Campaign •Avoid Flood in the campus esp. during  heavy rains
To have a good atmosphere conducive for     learning
•Two seedlings each SSG officers
•Request the DENR to provide Seedlings ready for planting in a designated area
• To intensify tree planting activity in the school and the community
6.Brigada Eskwela •To improve and help maintain school facilities and other infrastracture  projects of the school •.Request the assistance of the PTA, LGUs and other generous individuals to donate and finance  diff. school projects.
Improvement and maintainance of  school facilities is a primordial concerned which involved everyone.
7.Reading and Tutoring Services •.To enhance the reading skills of the students to improve their  academic performance. •.Seek the assistance of the English Subject teachers to identify slow learners and provide them possible remediation classes To improved Academic performance among identified slow learners.
8.Peer Counseling •Awareness of the different problems amongst students and find out what possible solutions  to curb these problem. •.Seek the assistance of the Guidance Counselor to counsel problematic students.
•.Conduct Peer Counseling seminar/training for the students.
• To help minimize students truant in the school.
.To curb misbehavior amongst student.
9.Career Guidance. •To guide the students  on how to plan and how to achieve their goals. •.Conduct Career Guidance Seminar
•.Seek the assistance of the Guidance Counselor
•Invite Eloquent Speakers to talk about Career Planning.
• To help  and direct the students to plan for their future.