Scholarship Programs are offered by the ASAT Alumni Association, Inc. (AAAI) and group of generous alumni, individual donors and businesses to academically gifted students. Funding is provided by the ASAT Alumni Association and Sponsors. This program is managed by AAAI Scholarship Committee.

In order for a student to receive scholarships, the student must meet specific eligibility criteria and requirements as described in the application forms. Being selected as a scholarship recipient is an honor and provides monetary benefit for the student’s use. For the benefits of the scholarship to continue, the scholar must maintain eligibility. Here are key policies to keep in mind:

  1. Immediate Family Members of ASAT Faculty, AAAI Officers & Board of Trustees and Officers of AAAI Scholarship Committee are not eligible to participate in the Academic Scholarship Program. They are eligible to participate in the Endowment Scholarship Program.
  2. In order to receive a scholarship, the student meeting the requirements must complete application forms at time of enrollment. Freshman Students and new scholars will go through a qualifying process. For students qualified for “Renewable Scholarship” they shall be notified by the Scholarship Committee on or before enrollment.
  3. Types of scholarship offered are renewable and non-renewable type. Renewable scholarship requires the recipient to meet the eligibility requirements of scholarship to continue receiving the award yearly up to graduation while at ASAT. Please review “Scholarship Maintenance Requirements”. Failing to meet eligibility requirements will cause forfeiture of the scholarship. Non-renewable scholarship grant is only for one school year subject to the “Requirements for Scholarship”.
  4. To review which scholarships are available, please read postings on the School’s Bulletin Board or inquire during enrollment.
  5. Scholarship given to students of the Aparri School of Arts and Trades (ASAT) are non- transferrable. If a scholar permanently leaves ASAT during the school term, the scholarship stipend is automatically cancelled.
  6. A student will receive only ONE type of scholarship.
  7. If a non-scholar student attains higher grade average than the current academic scholar in certain grading periods or at the Final Grade, this will not be an automatic scholarship award to the non-scholar student or an automatic replacement of the current scholar provided that the current scholar is in compliance with the eligibility requirements of the scholarship. However, the non-scholar student with higher grades may be a candidate in the next search for scholars.
  8. The scholarship monthly stipend shall be used for the student school needs, such as books, school supplies and equipment, uniforms, shoes and other personal needs. It is not meant for family expenses.
  9. Monthly Stipend may vary from year to year.
  10. At present, the ASAT Alumni Association, Inc., has the following types of Scholarships:

a. The Merit Based Academic Scholarship, Criteria is based on high academic rating.
b. The Need Based Endowment Scholarship, Criteria is based on Sponsors Requirement

In the near future as Sponsors increase, other types of Scholarships may be added to the list.