Message from the AAAI President

We are delighted  to see  the  much-awaited ASAT website through the hard work of Chalie Molina and her colleagues. 

In my speech during our alumni reunion this year, we declared a vision towards “a united and committed alumni for a stronger ASAT.”   We will pursue this vision in three fronts during our term:

  1. Creating an ASAT website with an alumni portal.
  2. Reclaiming and restoring ASAT’s original identity and legacy.
  3. Helping raise funds for the ASAT Scholarship Fund.

Fellow ASAT alumni are scattered all over the country and abroad, so the creation of an ASAT website with an alumni portal is the primary platform in uniting us. Being on the web, this portal can be accessed by the alumni anywhere in the world. An online  alumni registration system will also go with the portal.

Together with ASAT’s approval and cooperation, Chalie will further work on it for full launching hopefully before yearend.  Through an ASAT website, we will reclaim ASAT’s original identity and rewrite its history for present and future generations of students, teachers, school administrators, parents, alumni, partners and other stakeholders. 

The heart and soul of a strong ASAT is its history and legacy…It is therefore our duty to unite and help build a stronger ASAT, restore its original identity and reclaim its rich legacy for present and future generation of students.

Dr. Rex L. Navarro
AAAI President