As I set foot to the threshold of this institution, I am captured by the slogan it evinces “ASAT, your way to the top”. Undeniably, the Aparri School of Arts and Trades has been unceasingly proliferating its sphere of influence as it enhances the delivery of basic quality education to the learners and the community it serves.

As the newly installed principal of this school, it is my earnest yearning to continue its practices in achieving excellence in the field of academics, sports, journalism and above all in the sphere of technical-vocational education being one of the much-admired Technical-Vocational schools in the province. I am one with its partner stakeholders in developing ASAT learners to become globally competitive armored with the knowledge and skills they will learn and earn from our school.

With the unceasing help and support of our external and internal stakeholders, I affirm to uphold integrity and wisdom to carry out its programs, projects, and activities to better serve and deliver quality education in our community.

It is my paramount vision tantamount to your dream that Aparri School of Arts and Trades be a “School of Excellence” not just in the yesteryears but today and in the future, not just in a single aspect of endeavor but in all other fields. With the stronghold the school has established with its partners in innovations, plans and programs, I remain hopeful in fulfillment of this vision.     

Secondary School Principal III