I. Applying Quality Standards

  • Assess quality of received materials.
  • Assess own work.
  • Engage in quality improvement.

II. Performing Computer Operations

  • Plan and prepare for task to be undertaken.
  • Input data into computer.
  • Access information using computer.
  • Produce output/data using computer system.
  • Use basic functions of a www- browser to locate information.
  • Maintain computer equipment and systems.

III. Performing Mensuration and Calculation

  • Select measuring instrument.
  • Carry out measurements and calculations.
  • Maintain measuring instruments.

IV. Preparing and Interpreting Technical Drawing

  • Identify different kinds of technical drawings.
  • Interpret technical drawing.
  • Prepare/ make changes to electrical/ electronic schematics and drawings.
  • Store technical drawings and equipment/instruments.

V. Using Hand Tools

  • Plan and prepare for tasks to be undertaken.
  • Prepare hand tools.
  • Use appropriate hand tools and test equipment.
  • Maintain hand tools.

VI. Terminating and Connecting Electrical Wiring and Electronics Circuit

  • Plan and prepare for termination/ connection of electrical wiring/ electronics circuit.
  • Terminate/ connect electrical wiring/ electronic circuits.
  • Test termination/ connections of electrical wiring/ electronic circuits.

VII. Testing Electronic Components

  • Determine criteria for testing electronics components.
  • Plan an approach for components testing.
  • Test components.
  • Evaluate the testing process.

VIII. Installing and Configuring Computer Systems

  • Assemble computer hardware.
  • Prepare installer.
  • Installing operating system and drivers for peripherals/devices.
  • Install application software.
  • Conduct testing and documentation.

IX. Setting-up Computer Networks

  • Install network cables.
  • Set network configuration.
  • Set router/wi-fi/wireless access point/repeater configuration.
  • Inspect and test tyhe configured networks.

X. Setting-up Computer Servers

  • Set-up user access.
  • Configure network services.
  • Perform testing, documentation, and pre-deployment procedures.

XI. Maintaining and Repairing Computer Systems and Networks

  • Plan and prepare for maintenance and repair.
  • Maintain computer systems and networks.
  • Diagnose faults of computer systems and networks.
  • Rectify/Correct defects in computer systems and networks.
  • Inspect and test the computer systems and networks.