A. PROGRAMS-Listed are active Programs.

  1. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP GRANT. Provided by ASAT Alumni Association, Inc. A minimum of one male student and one female student from Grade 7 through Grade 12 will be selected yearly based on high academic grades. Stipends are provided monthly based on conformance to the scholarship requirements. For specifics please contact our AAAI Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Ms. Noemi Umandap Sibayan.
  2. ENDOWMENT SCHOLARSHIP GRANT. This scholarship is based on Sponsors’ Criteria on Academic, Specific Trade Course, Specific Talent such as Journalism and Sports. Selected students from Grade 7 through Grade 12 will receive stipends from anonymous Sponsors and managed by the AAAI. Please contact Ms. Noemi Umandap Sibayan for details.
  3. MEDICAL SERVICES. AAAI Medical Group provides FREE Medical and Dental consultations, diagnosis and treatments, to the extent possible, to alumni and immediate family. At the event, FREE prescription and over the counter medicine shall be given to those in need. Our Doctors and Dentists are Licensed professionals who are ASAT alumni and friends. Our AAAI Medical Group is under the chairmanship of Ms. Lorein Lamusao Oandasan.
  4. ALUMNI DISCOUNTS. Registered alumni receive discounts for their purchases and for vendor’s services at participating establishment such as Restaurants, Stores, Pharmacy, Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, School Supplies and more. Valid Alumni ID is required at time of purchase or service rendered to avail this benefit. For current listing of participating Vendors and addresses, please contact Ms. Cielo Villanueva Addatu, Chairperson of Alumni Discount Program.
  5. VISITING ALUMNI SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM (VASP)- Visiting Alumni are our Resource Speakers for this Program. Previous Speakers from the Philippines and other countries provided various Topics from Education, Environment, Government, Business, Policing, Technology, Success thru Faith, Discipline, Setting Goals, and more. A Q & A is conducted at end of Speech. To schedule your visit please contact Ms. Norlyn Adona Bialba, Chairperson of VASP.

B. PROJECTS- New Projects are added based on the Incoming Officers and Board of Trustees Goals. The following projects were accomplished, are active and proposed.

  1. ASAT WEBSITE-This is to replace previous and dated ASAT Website. AAAI provided the design and initial fees for its launching in 2020. After its launching, the Website is given to ASAT for its use and maintenance. It provides access to ASAT Alumni Association and ASAT PTA. This website can be viewed at http://ASAT-edu.com.
  2. TOILET BUILDING– AAAI Constructed and donated to ASAT new Accessible Men’s and Women’s Toilet Building at ASAT Campus.
  3. CLASSROOM SMART TV-Provided more than 24 pcs of 32” Smart TV’s, one at each Classroom for an interactive audio-video teaching tool. More are needed to be provided to other classrooms and “Shops” (Technical Classrooms for Trade Courses). This Project is Active.
  4. TRADE TOOLS. To supplement DepEd supplied Trade tools if necessary. Currently AAAI has provided the school with sewing machines for DRESSMAKING Trade, kitchen wares for FOOD Trade. Other hand tools are being considered to be provided. This Project is Active.
  5. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. Multi-Function colored Printers had been donated. Personal Computers, Printers, Shedders, Scanners, and others are being considered to be provided. This Project is Active.
  6. BOOKS-New Non-Fiction Books, Reference Books and Technical Books had been given to ASAT Library. We welcome used but in good condition books. This Project is Active.
  7. CHAIRS-Plastic Stackable Chairs had been donated for seating at ASAT Gym. We could use more. This Project is Active.
  8. PROPOSED LONG TERM PROJECTS. These proposed projects can be joint projects with the ASAT PTA. For details, please contact Ms. Lorena Merino Calantas, AAAI Head of Faculty- Alumni Board of Trustees.

a. Completion of ASAT GYM. In 2013 our Founding Officers requested Presidential Cabinet Secretary Manuel Mamba to provide ASAT a Gymnasium. In 2017, Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba inaugurated the Multi-Purpose Building, an open structure with metal roof and concrete posts and beams. We propose to add to this structure for a complete Gymnasium. This is a major project with much needed funds. It is possible that an alumni or group of alumni may pool in their resources to donate for this project. It may be that a philanthropist may want to sponsor this project and we can dedicate the project or part of the building in the name of the philanthropist. This project includes:

  1. Extend the Gym Roof to cover the existing Stage. At the end of the East wall of the stage, provide a full height and full width reinforced Concrete Hollow Block wall.
  2. Remove the existing concrete Stage roof and side walls; enlarge the Stage platform to the width of the existing Gym. Provide Stage walls, motorized stage curtain and remotely controlled Stage Lighting.
  3. Provide concrete step seating at the North and South side of the Gym.
  4. Provide upgraded Gym general lighting and sound system. Add floor striping for a Basketball court. Install 2 adjustable ceiling mounted basketball board at the East and West End.
  5. Construct a 2 story Building Façade and Entrance Vestibule at the West End, height to match existing Gym Roof ridge or higher.

Above is a general outline of the proposed project.

b. Entrance Driveway & Walkways.

  1. Provide Concrete Driveway in front of the existing Gated Entrance up to the Administration Office entrance.
  2. Provide Concrete walkway from the Administration entrance up to the ASAT Gym.
  3. Provide connecting concrete walkways from the ASAT Gym to the SHS Buildings.